Medical Records

Dr. Alrich L. Gray // Central Montana Heart & Vascular Institute


A specific process will be implemented to assure consistent medical records release and disclosure.

Medical records will not be released without the patient’s written consent unless for the continuation of care or billing purposes.

Personally requesting your medical records will require that you sign a release and a charge may be associated. You can obtain a release from our office, our website, or on the patient portal. View our Privacy Policy.

We can not discuss your health information with anyone other than yourself, other physicians in the case of continuation of healthcare, or insurance companies in the case of billing. If there are family members or others that you would like us to be able to discuss your personal health information with you will be required to fill out a disclosure form which is available at our front desk or on our website under forms, “Disclosure of Protected Health Information.”


Our office will fill out medical forms on the patient’s behalf. There will be a charge for some forms. If there is a charge, the patient will be notified prior, and the fee is payable prior to completion of the form. Fees range from $50 to $250 depending on the length of the form and time required for completion.